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Marking Period 2

Page history last edited by Matthew Olszewski 5 years, 8 months ago
Topic Assignment Due (to be done before class starts on date listed at left)
Passive Transport
Passive Transport
Active Transport
  • We will begin class by addressing the results of the passive transport quiz.  
  • We will then finish our discussion on transport.  We will be specifically discussing active transport: pumps, endocytosis and exocytosis.
  • The test will be Monday, December 2, 2014.
  • This is a video lecture that I found on the internet on active transport. http://vimeo.com/50032469
Free Day
  • You will have the opportunity to spend the class preparing for the upcoming exam.
  • Ask any questions you have on the transport unit!!!
  • Learning goals- Understand how energy is released from the ATP molecule.  Understand how ADP can be re-charged to become ATP.  
  • We will be discussing ATP, ADP and AMP in class today.  We will begin class by viewing and discussing the following PowerPoint presentation.  ATP notes honors.pdf
  • We will then introduce and work on the ATP foldable assignment.  ATP Foldable Rubric.pdf
  • Your homework for tonight is to complete your ATP foldable.  Be sure to answer the attached questions somewhere on the foldable itself.    
  • You must also watch this introduction to photosynthesis video for homework as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQK3Yr4Sc_k&list=SP3EED4C1D684D3ADF 

12/10/14 Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
12/12/14 Cellular Respiration
Cellular Respiration
Unit Summation
  • We will finish the Exercise lab in class today.
  • We will spend the rest of the time preparing for the upcoming test.
  • The test is next class, 12/22/14.
Unit Test
  • We will be taking the photosynthesis and cellular respiration test in class today.
  • No homework over the break.
  • Enjoy the rest and time with your loved ones.
  • See you in January!!!
1/5/15 Intro to DNA
  • Welcome back!!!!
  • We will begin class by discuss the results of the Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Test.  The class average was a 77%.  That tells me that the test was fair and a good reflection of what we discussed in class.
  • We will then watch, The Secret of Photo 51.  It is a movie about the discovery of DNA and how some people were dishonest in the process.  
  • The homework for tonight is to read pages 193-208.  Answer review questions 1-8 on page 208.
DNA replication
DNA Extraction
  • We will be performing the DNA extraction lab in class today.
  • We will be extracting DNA from various sources including strawberries, kiwis, bananas and yeast.
  • We will be working in groups of four to complete the lab.
  • The lab will be due by the end of the block.
  • The homework for tonight is Applying the Concepts 1-3 on page 208 of the eBook.  Also study for a quiz on DNA replication next block.
1/15/15 Transcription and Translation
  • We will begin class with an oral quiz on DNA replication for about 10 minutes.
  • I will then give you 15 minutes to finish up the questions from the DNA extraction lab.  
  • This is the PowerPoint for today.   RNA Transcription Lect Honors.pdf
  • The homework for tonight is to re-watch the videos on transcription and translation from 1/9/15.  Write a one paragraph summary of what happens for each process.You should also complete this worksheet.  Only do the mRNA and tRNA portions.  DNA - RNA Practice.pdf Skip the AA or amino acid section.
1/20/15 Translation and Mutations
1/22/15 Mutations
  • This document has some more info on mutations.   Mutations.pdf
  • Test next block.
1/26/15 Test
  • We will be taking a test on DNA, RNA, protein synthesis and mutations today.


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