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Assignments for marking period 3

Page history last edited by Matthew Olszewski 6 years, 5 months ago
Topic Assignment Due (to be done before class starts on date listed at left)
1/31/14 DNA Extraction
  • Today is the first B-day of the third marking period.
  • We will be performing the DNA extraction lab in class today.  We will be extracting DNA from strawberries, bananas and kiwis.
  • There is no written homework for tonight.  Be sure to study for Tuesday's quiz.  It will be on DNA and DNA replication.
Transcription and Translation
  • We will finish discussing the unit in class today.  We will talk about translation.
  • We will then work on this worksheet.  How Proteins are Made Worksheet .pdf
  • We will decide in class whether our test will be next Monday or next Wednesday.
Chapter Summation
  • We will spend the first 20 minutes of class finishing up How Proteins are Made.
  • Here are some practice tests to help you prepare for Wednesday's test.  ch09_quiz.pdf ch10_quiz.pdf
  • The test will be on Wednesday.  Be sure to study.  After school help is available on Monday in room F-317.
  • We will work on this worksheet to help review mutations.  Mutations WkSh.pdf
  • We will be taking our unit test in class today.
  • Your homework is to read pages 165-189.  Answer review questions 1-7 on page 190.
2/14/14 Genetics
2/19/14 Genetics
  • We will continue discussing the Genetics PowerPoint in class today.
  • We will be focusing on special cases that do not involve complete dominance.
  • The homework for tonight is to study for a quiz on Thursday!!!!!
  • We will begin class with a quiz on Punnett Squares.
  • We will then discuss pedigrees and human genetic disorders using the PowerPoint.  If time permits, we will also discuss gene linkage.
  • This is the homework for tonight.   Pedigree Problems.pdf
3/4/14 Genetics
  • We will spend the first 30 minutes of class working in groups of two to complete these pedigree problems.  Pedigree Chart.pdf
  • We will then finish discussing the PowerPoint.  We will look at various genetic disorders, their symptoms and causes.  We will also discuss gene linkage and why it occurs.  
  • We will be taking our genetics test in class today.
  • There is no homework tonight.
3/17/14 Biotechnology
  • We will begin our discussion on biotechnology today.
  • Here is a copy of the notes for the unit.  biotech for honors.pdf
  • The homework for tonight is to answer questions 1-4 (Applying the concepts) on page 256.
Gel Electrophoresis
  • We will be working in groups of three on the gel electrophoresis lab in class today.
  • Here is a copy of the procedure for the lab.   Gel Electrophoresis Lab.pdf The questions that you will be responsible to answer are on the last page of the packet. 
  • After we get the gels running, we will finish up the notes from Monday.  
  • The homework for tonight is the biotech HW that was assigned on Monday.
  • We will be taking a double quiz on Tuesday on Biotechnology.
3/25/14 Biotechnology/ Evolution
  • We will begin the class by addressing any questions before the quiz.
  • We will then take the Biotech quiz.
  • No homework tonight.
  • We will begin the class by briefly discussing the results of the biotechnology quiz.
  • We will then view and discuss the television program Cosmos.
  • After that is complete, we will then discuss the Evolution PowerPoint.  Here is a copy of the notes.   Evolution PowerPoint for honors.pdf
  • The homework for tonight is to read pages 258-275.  Answer review questions 1-7 on page 276.
  • We will continue with our discussion of evolution using the PowerPoint from last class.
  • Your homework is to complete this assignment.   lab peppered moth survey.pdf
  • Today is the last B day of the third marking period!!!!!


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