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Assignments for marking period 1

Page history last edited by Matthew Olszewski 6 years, 10 months ago
Topic Assignment Due (to be done before class starts on date listed at left)
9/10 Introduction 
  • Here are the course expectations for the year. Class rules honors bio 2013.pdf  
  • We will be performing some ice-breakers and discussing class expectations today.
  • Your homework is the get the sheet signed. 
9/12  Lab Safety
  • We will begin class by reviewing Mr. O's acceptable use policy for the iPads and technology use in class.  Here is a copy of the policy. iPad Use Policy.pdf
  • We will be discussing lab safety in class today.  Here is a copy of the lab safety rules. safety contract.pdf (documents) 
9/16   Characteristics of life
  • Learning goals: Understand the characteristics that all living organisms share.  Understand how to use observations to determine if organisms or living on non-living. 
  • We will begin the class by discussing this document that will enable you to track your progress through unit 1. Biology as a Science Learning Goal and Scale Honors.pdf (documents)
  • We will then work in groups to complete a discussion and lab on the characteristics of living organisms.
  • We will then discuss these notes. Honors Chapter 1 char of life.pdf (notes)
  • Here is a file containing chapter 1 of the textbook. Honors Chapter 1.pdf (documents)
  • The homework is to read the chapter and answer questions 5-8 (thinking) and 1 (applying) 
9/18   Scientific Method
  • Learning goals- SWBAT understand and apply the steps of the scientific method.  SWBAT understand how proper experimentation is performed.   
  • We will then view and discuss this PowerPoint presentation that covers the materials contained in the objectives.  honors sci method.pdf (notes)
  • We will then work on these worksheets. Determining Variables 1.pdf Determining Variables 2.pdf Determining Variables 3.pdf (documents) 
  • Your homework is to use the scientific method to solve a problem of your choosing.  You do not need to perform the experiment.  You must include a description of what would happen in each step.   
9/20   Graphing
  • Learning goals- SWBAT understand how to develop and interpret line graphs.
  • We will begin class by reviewing the homework.
  • We will then discuss how to develop and interpret line graphs.  We will use this worksheet as a guide. How to Make Graphs.pdf  
  • We will then practice making graphs in class. 
  • This is tonight's homework. practice making line graphs.pdf Make sure to follow the rules we went over in class.  Make trend lines.  DO NOT CONNECT DOT TO DOT. 
  • Learning goals:  SWBAT understand the proper use and care of a microscope.  SWBAT develop and observe a wet mount slide.  SWBAT understand how to calculate total magnification of a microscope.
  • We will then complete the following worksheet. microparts student.pdf (documents)
  • We will then break into groups of 4 to complete the following lab on compound light microscope. Microscope Lab[2].pdf (labs)
  • Your test will on Unit 1 will be on Monday, September 30, 2013
 Unit 1 Test
  • We will be taking the Unit 1 test in class today.
  • This is the test page. Biotechnology Worksheet.pdf
  • We will spend some time at the beginning of the block addressing any final questions the students have before we begin.
  • The test is designed to be a 60 minute test.  No extra time will be offered.
  • Your homework for tonight is download the second chapter of the book. Honors Chapter 3.pdf (douments)
  • Read sections 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3.  Answer questions 1, 5, 6 and 8 (thinking through the concepts) on page 55.
  • You must also create a new unit folder and the same subfolders within it from unit 1.  Unit 2 Biochemistry.
 Intro to Carbon and Dehydration and Hydrolysis Reactions.
  • Learning goals- SWBAT understand the building blocks of organic compounds.   SWBAT describe the structure and function of each class of organic molecule.  SWBAT compare and contrast hydrolysis and condensation reactions. 
  • This is a copy of the learning goals and progress chart for the unit.  Be sure to rate yourself at the end of each block. Macromolecules Learning Goal and Scale-1.pdf (documents)
  • This is a copy of the PowerPoint that we will use to discuss this unit. bichemppforhonors.pdf (notes)
  • This is the homework for tonight.  Chemistry of Carbon-1.pdf  (Homework)
  • We will work on this worksheet at the end of class.  Dehydration_Syn__hydrolysis_worksheet.2007.pdf (documents)

Lipids, Proteins and Nucleic Acids 


  •  Learning goals- SWBAT understand the building blocks of organic compounds.  SWBAT describe the structure and function of each class of organic molecule.
  • We will continue discussing the Biochem PowerPoint in class today.   
  • This is the homework for tonight. Biochem HW.pdf
Proteins and Nucleic Acids
10/15  The Liver Enzyme Lab 
  • Learning goals- SWBAT explain what occurs during an enzyme catalyzed reaction.  SWBAT understand how and why enzymes can become denatured.
  • We will be working on the Liver Enzyme Lab in class today.
  • We will complete the lab in groups of 3 or 4.
  • The lab will be due before the end of the block.
  • There is no written homework for tonight.  It would be a good idea to begin preparing for the Unit 2 Biochemistry Test.  It will be on Monday, October 21, 2013. 
Finishing up Biochemistry
  • We will begin class by completing this worksheet.  Enzymes.pdf
  • We will then review and discuss the homework assignments that have been completed during the biochemistry chapter.
  • We will then discuss the results of the Liver Enzyme Lab.
  • We will then break into groups of 3.  You will design 10 multiple choice questions and one open ended question on Unit 2.  You will swap them with a group and complete them.
  • The rest of the block will be used to prepare for the upcoming test on Unit 2.
  • The Unit 2 test will be on Monday October 21, 2013.
  • Copy of the enzyme liver lab. Enzyme Liver Lab - Honors[2].pdf
10/21  Unit 2 Test 
  • We will be taking the unit 2 exam today.
  • There will be no homework tonight.   
10/23 Cells
  • Learning goals- Understand how the Ebook functions.  Understand how the parts of the cell theory were discovered.  Understand the difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.
  • http://www.dropbox.com/s/tsgxhazsdunij8w/eBookRegistration.mp4  This link provides a tutorial on how to access your Ebook.
  • The course name is MrOHonorsBio
  • We will work on this worksheet for the rest of class.  Finish it for homework. introtocellshonors.pdf
10/25 Cells
10/29 Cell Observation Lab
Cell Project
  • We will be working on our cell projects in class today.
  • The iconic picture must be uploaded to eBackpack by the end of the block.
Cell Project
  • We will be working on our cell projects in class today.
  • Your rough draft of the poster must be uploaded to eBackpack by the end of the block.  You must create 3 posters.  They can all be the same or you can develop 3 different posters but you physically need to have 3 posters by the 13th.
Cell Project
  • We will be having a quiz on cells in class today!!!!


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